Sunday, August 31, 2014

I call her Frankie...

I call her Frankie because she was a monster to put together - not her fault!  This was a mystery quilt from a couple of years ago. The host was posting clues every hour to hour and a half. After I had several of the blocks made, she announced some of the measurements were incorrect - redo some of the blocks!  Uh, I put it all away until yesterday.  I decided I was getting it put together one way or another so I could call it Done!  I had to shave a bit off here and add a bit of fabric there, and she's a bit wonky and an odd size (33" x 50"), but dear daughter and I decided she was perfect for a lap quilt and we're keeping her.  

It is very liberating to decide to keep a quilt vs giving it away. When you're keeping for yourself, you don't worry about little things like cut off points and a bit of wonkiness.  I may have to make more quilts to keep!  LOL