Sunday, August 4, 2013 Kate to Pippa...

An amazing thing has been happening in my quilt guild lately.  Many of these modern quilters are discovering the joys of vintage sewing machines.  A couple bought Nelco machines – very nice!  But the majority who are going crazy over vintage fell in love with the Singer Featherweight or her big sister, the 301.  One by one, the ladies are finding them on Craigslist, in quilt shops, estate sales, etc.  After looking at pictures of many of these beauties and getting caught up in the frenzy, I decided I needed wanted one AND I wanted a white one.  I casually mentioned this on our guild’s Facebook page and I received a phone call shortly after telling me where a white one was located for sale. 

My husband and I drove 3 hours Friday morning to go take a look at her in scenic Tahlequah, OK.  She is a very pretty machine with the original case.  She appears to be in pretty good condition and sews a beautiful stitch.  YAY!!!!  We packed her up and brought her home. 

The machine was made in 1962 in Great Britain.  Being from Great Britain, I thought she deserved a royal name.  As you may recall, I recently named my new Janome “Kate” because I thought the machine was so classy and sophisticated.  Hmmmmmm….what to do?  I posted my dilemma on the guild’s page and it was quickly suggested I consider Pippa, Kate’s sister.  What a perfect name!!!!  So here she is…Lady Pippa!  (Now I know that Pippa probably isn’t really royalty, but she is close enough for me.)

Have a great week!